Bitsetting with SOHW-1633S



I’m looking at this dvdrw and was wondering if there is a way to booktype dvd+r/rw media to dvd-rom w/o useing omnipatcher and modified f/w so I could maintain the warranty. I am now useing a LDW-451S@SOHW-832S and really like the bitsetting advantage. Although it still burns ok this drive at times will not read dvd’s. I have voided my warranty due to the f/w patch. I am still a Lite-on fan and will probably either get a 1633S or a NEC ND-3500A. TIA.


Use the official booktype tool?


Thankyou, if you don’t mind me asking, which dvdrw do you prefer, the Lite-on or the NEC?


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