Bitsetting with SH-W163A

Hello To all first, this is my 1st post here and ill say hello.

Bitsetting Question

I have a Samsung SH-W163 SATA drive. Basically i require it to have Bitsetting to DVD-Rom as i wish to backup my xbox360 game due to have 3 of my games completely destroyed by my bros little one :a

I understand ImgBurn will let me change the setting on this drive?

Also does anyone know if this drive is good for backing up Xbox360 games? I have searched and no luck so thought id ask the pro’s.

Oh and thanks mciahel for posting his FAQ on Samsung drives. I found this forum due to that. :smiley:


Hi and Welcome @CDF :slight_smile:

as your question is not about the Mini-FAQ, I moved it to a new thread. :cop:

Indeed, this drive supports bitsetting to DVD-ROM. I would prefer Nero (came with the drive) to set the booktype option to “Automatic”. ImgBurn works also.

Also does anyone know if this drive is good for backing up Xbox360 games?
Dunno. I don’t own a Xbox (and never will), and my drive is dead :sad: But, from what I have read, the readability is often depending on the media that is used. Just try.


Thanks for the fast response dude.

Is there any way of check if the drive is set to DVD-ROM for DL disk once i use nero or ImgBurn.

I agree Xbox360 was a one off off for me also, i got given a damaged one so i repaired it and wollarr its sweet.

The Drive burned with Bit Settings set for DVD-ROM with Nero for my DVD+R DL. :smiley:

I checked the disk that i burned with Nero.

This Drive doesnt Backup Xbox360 GAMES

Just to note, i have burned 7 different disks that are now dead.


Please check the Console Forum Maybe you’ll find any help there.
Read the stickies at first.


Backup clearly would mean to read out/dump first.

HOW have you done that??

I was using Cloncd with certain games i know worked fine when copied weith a Pionner drive. I couldn’t for the life of me get the games copied with that dive play on my 360. I used Img Burn as well as CloneCD.

Ah, lucky you it worked.


It was my Xbox which was dead all along,. This samsung drive is as good as the Pioneer for 360 backups. Well was for me cos they all work :smiley:

thought id let everyone know as someday this will be read :wink: