Bitsetting with NEC3500 on FUJI +R TY media

How do I do the bitsetting. I am using DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink with Nero OEM version. Hoping this will help with my recent bad burns on this +R TY media. My movies are freezing and getting errors toward the end or later chapters of the movie.

Will Bitsetting the +R media make it “more compatible” with my DVD player (new Panasonic).

Thanks in advance!

If you have the latest DVD Decryptor, you can change the bitsetting. See these threads and see if it will help (regarding bitsetting): (has an image)

i went saw this site while cruising forum,

and earlier went and downloaded latest dvd encrypter.

but seems i can only choose the +r options,
however must admit it reported that my physical drive was set to ‘dvd -r’.

boy am i confused.

nero info tool says i have capability for all types dvd +r, dvd-r etc.?

though was able to burn a movie using dvd encrypter i have on my hdd from dvd shrink.

i am testing. testing testing.

is there a libby or harrie firmware that
sets bitsetting for dvd-r or auto set, as well as riplock and rpc-1?

thanks for now.

a happier newby,

If I’m not mistakened, you can’t change bitsetting for DVD-R. Someone, feel free to correct me on this.

You can try either of these firmwares:

  1. Quikee 2.28 Version 3
  2. Liggy-Dee V2 Beta 3

Check the NEC forum. I believe these has riplock as well as RPC-1. However as to bitsetting for DVD-R, I don’t think that’s possible (but I could be wrong).