Bitsetting with ND3540A 1.03bt_fast

On DVD+RW, it simply doesn’t work here: It doesn’t matter if I set the permanent setting and/or the temporary one to DVD-ROM, I even tried DVD-RAM, it doesn’t seem to work. The disc is still identified as booktype DVD+RW in the NEC itself as well as in the PX-716.

For DVD+R, the temporary setting doesn’t seem to work: I set permanent to DVD-ROM and temporary to DVD-RAM (!), the result was a disc with booktype DVD-ROM.

DVD Decrypter confirms that the drive was indeed set to the booktype I wanted it to be set to.

with dvd-rw it doesnt work for me ,too. But dvd-ram and dvd+r booktypes are dvd-rom . that is ok

DVD+RW always had problems with bitsetting. I guess next time I should use MadDog’s 1.F1 for the bitsetting code.

Maybe I’ll check the bitsetting code again later. But why does someone want to set a booktype to DVD-RAM? :confused:

I wanted to see if it confuses reading devices.

I manage to set dvd+rw to dvd-rom. But after one record with burner without bitsetting capability it’s not possible to set that dvd+rw again to dvd-rom.

may i ask you new fw,1w7 when will it be ready? :slight_smile: and thanks for other firmwares and your works,you are doing great jobs