Bitsetting with DVR-215D

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-215D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi to all, my question is:

need i change firmware on my DVR-215D for modify bitsetting?
DVDInfoPro says “Pioneer drives don’t support bitsetting”

firmware is 1.22

thanks :wink:

Yes you need to modify your firmware (and the flasher if you’re not using DVRFlash) with MCSE in order to get bitsetting. However DIP will then still say that Pioneer doesn’t support it because it cannot be changed manually.

@ D3luX,

Unfortunately you are misinterpreting the information that DVDInfo is providing.

Official Pioneer DVR-215D Firmware supports automatic Book Type Bit Setting of DVR+R DL Media to DVD-ROM. “Automatic” means that the Book Type Bit Setting is done “Automatically” during the Media Burning process and no user intervention is required for the Bitsetting.

If you desire automatic Book Type Bit Setting of both DVD+R DL and DVD+R SL Media to DVD-ROM you should closely review the “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers” ( thread for detailed information on how to use the Media Code Speed Edit tool to Modify Pioneer DVR-215D Firmware for Book Type Bit Setting of DVD+R SL Media.