Bitsetting with BinFlash

Hi all!

Been looking round the forums and have been reading up about bitsetting etc. I’m trying to get this to work, as i’m encoding some avis to DVD, but want them to work in my girlfriends old standalone, and setting the booktype to DVD-ROM is meant to help compatability right?

Some details first. I have an NEC 3500 AG, flashed with the 218btrpc1 firmware. The discs I am using are TYG02 DVD-R’s.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m going about this the right way. Ive tried 2 utilities so far. First was the WinBTypeV2 utility and i managed to set all the tabs to ‘compatability mode’. This didnt help and then I tried to use the booktype tab in the Binflash to try and set it, but after I apply the settings, and it says booktype changed, the dropdown boxes always revert back to ‘Factory Default’

Is there something I’m missing. I know I’m using DVD-R’s so that may be it, so any help would be great. The thing is, i always burn the dvd video files to an image first, then mount it on a virtual drive to see what type it is and CD-DVD speed reports the mounted image as a DVD-ROM, but after burning, and when its checked again, its still a DVD-R.

Thanks in advance


Bitsetting is only for + discs