Bitsetting with a BTC 1016IM

Ok, here’s the deal…

I want to “book type” my DVD+R DL’s so they are DVD-ROM, for maximum compatibility with set top players. I have the official “BitSet” program (v1.05) for my drive, I got it from BUT, I can’t get this program to do anything with my DL discs. When I put a DL disc in and open the “BitSet” program, it just says “NULL” by “Media Type”, and the rest of the options are grayed out. What is stranger yet, is when I put in a Single Layer disc, the “BitSet” program works fine, it allows me to change the book type fine.

So since I can’t use the “BitSet” program for my DVD+R DL’s, I’m looking at using DVDInfoPro. Does the following picture look like the right way for me to do this? Do I just hit the “Change Current DVD+R/RW Media” button?

And just one more question… if I change the “Book Type” using this method, I’ll still be able to go over to DVDDecrypter and burn there, right?

I’d appreciate any responses…I’m transfering some old vhs home movies for my grandparents, and I want the DVDs to be as compatible as possible…

It may be that BTC doesnt support bitsetting for +R DL, but i could be wrong.


you can also try the latest booktype tool from BTC (not sure why it can’t be found on drvupdate). Download

Here an example (in this case a 1108IM, I have no 1016 around)

alternatively you can also use Nero CD/DVD Speed (under Extra–>bitsetting)

Nero itself should also work