Bitsetting with 2500A and Benq DVD+R media




I have a Toshiba SD-3860 DVD player. I have recently purchased a 200-pack of BENQ DVD+Rs from Futureshop. The media are DAXON AZ2. I have NEC 2500A drive and I have updated my firmware with the latest by Herrie and I have turned on the bitsetting to DVD-ROM. I am using Nero 6.6.

I have burned a DVD iso to the DVD+R media mentioned above. Obviously, everything plays fine on my PC, but my DVD player says “Error”. Now, I know that my player doesn’t support DVD+R, but I thought the bitsetting should’ve fixed that.

Can anyone help me find a way to make my DVD+R compatible with my Toshiba?

Thank you.


Use DVD Identifier to verify that the DVD is set as DVD-ROM. Also try quality Made in Japan media.


The drive is set to DVD-ROM. Nero confirms it and DVD Identifier does too.
So, there’s no way my media will work in the Toshiba, huh? Maybe I need to look for a new player.


You can try DVD-R…probably won’t help, or Made in Japan media. Just look for Made in Japan label on the box.


Set the booktype with the bin flash leave Nero in auto (I think its auto for booktype)
Haven’t used it for a while.That should allow it to play in you standalone.


I have set it to DVD-ROM with binflash. DVD-Rs work just fine on the Toshiba. Thing is I got a great deal on a 200-pack of DVD+R, so DVD-R is not an option. :frowning:


How many discs have you tried?
Have you tried them in a different standalone.
Have you tested the burn quality with Nero speed test or similar.
We have 3 standalones that wont play +R but they will play when set to DVD-ROM.
Maybe try a different firmware.


I installed DVD Decrypter and used it to burn instead of Nero, works perfectly!