Bitsetting to play on -R only players?

Maybe a dumb question - but here goes:

If a certain standalone DVD player will not play +R discs (ie it’ll only play -R varieties) - will it play a +R disc that had the bitset changed to DVD-ROM?

In other words - would a bitset change to DVD-ROM “trump” the “only play -R” card?

I need to make 50-100 copies of a DVD I created to sell to customers. I was planning on making most if not all on -R.

If bitsetting ‘trumps’ the ‘-R only’ – is there any reason I wouldnt want to do it for all the discs?

hope that made sense. thanks

In therory, yes. Thier is no way to guarentee a recorded disk will play on all players. It is possible that thier will be a player that will play a -r and not a bit set +r but taking all players into account, a bitset dvd+r is generally considered more compatible that a -r. If you make sure you use high quality media (learn what media codes are), scan the disks to make sure that the burner/firmware is getting along with that media, and use a bitset +r, thats about the best you can do to try to ensure compatibility of a burned disk with the most players.

Thanks, that was my hunch.