Bitsetting Still The Way To Go?

I’m thinking of getting a new dvd-rw burner (pioneer maybe) in spite that
does not support bitsetting.
I always did bitsetting with my old NEC burner.

So I wonder, how important is this feature in 2007 :wink:
Is it still likely to run into compatibility problems with +R discs not
set to DVD-ROM when using somewhat recent DVD players
(let’s say … manufactured in or after 2003).

So, would you say that it’s OK to ditch bitsetting and not care about it any
longer, or is it still a very important feature to look out for ?

Thanks for your help.

PS: while I did use modified firmware in the past, I would like to stick to
stock firmware in the future, so please no replies saying “but you could
always get modified bitsetting firmware for drive xyz” :stuck_out_tongue:

My DVD player was manufactured in 2005 and it doesn’t play DVD+Rs unless they’re bitset.

It’s a Panasonic and Panasonic is part of the DVD-R alliance, so I’m sure it was an intentional decision. Rather irritating, too.

The player has enough other good qualities that I like it (it’s the only affordable 5-disc DVD Audio/Video changer I could find) but it’s proof that bitsetting is still useful.

PhotoJim has said it all the only thing I can add is that there are many old DVD players which only play -R and you would have compatibility issue with those player so bit setting is always comes handy.

Mh, who told you the Pio would not bitset?
It does automatically for DVD+R DL, and with buffalo firmware also to DVD+R media.

I got my first dvd player in 2001 and it even does play DVD-RDL without any problems…

OK, thank you all for your replies.

I guess I’ll stick to using Bitsetting in the future and put this back in my "must have"
feature list when selecting a burner :wink: