Bitsetting results with Plextors

I want to start a Bitsetting thread to post results from the new bitset option in plextools.

Yuden T02 burned at 12x bitset with PX712SA 1.05 fw. one of the best 12x burn (next to my LG4120) I have seen and it only took 6:15 too (faster than most 16x drives).

media block:

0000 : a1 0f 02 00 00 03 00 00  00 26 05 3f 00 00 00 00   .........&.?....
0010 : 00 00 03 59 55 44 45 4e  30 30 30 54 30 32 00 38   ...YUDEN000T02.8
0020 : 23 54 37 10 02 4e 72 02  8c 63 16 16 0b 0b 0a 0a   #T7..Nr..c......
0030 : 01 19 1b 0c 0c 0c 0d 01  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................

jitter test of above burn. very good jitter ratio.

:bigsmile: SWEET

Here you go Fuji branded 8x + r burned @ 12x plextor 712a 6.29 min nero

I don’t think the the Book Type change is going to make a difference in the quality of the burn!!!

shouldn’t, but you never know what else the new plextools fixes (rumor was power rec kicks in now to make better burns) . Plus I hear alot of grumbling about this drive and see little basis for it, other than persons using sub par media.

Ok here’s my first bitsetting with my 708A drive. I don’t know if the bitsetting would affect the write quality. I used NERO, the latest Plextools & IMATION (RICOH) DVD+R 4x disc. Tell me what you think of the scan.

It is a very good scan for max speed. I would suggest using kprobe2 2.42 so you can get rid of some of those spikes though. (right click and remove highest point). Also scan at 4x not max.

I just downloaded the latest Kprobe. Thanks for the advice! If the disc was burnt at 8x speed, do you still use 4x or 8x on the Kprobe?

It does not matter what speed the disk is burned at we compare 4x speed scans.

If you please, consider putting also Qcheck PI/PO sum8 plextool scans of the discs above - often k-probe scans differs from plextool scans - so we can see both results.

If you please, consider putting also Qcheck PI/PO sum8 plextool scans of the discs above - often k-probe scans differs from plextool scans - so we can see both results.

I’d gladly do a Qcheck PI/PO sum plextool scans if the 708A drive could but it can’t.

what good would sum8 tests do by themselves without sum1 tests? Remember PIF is more important than PIE (PIE are corrected errors, which only if really high around 280 at 8ecc, could pose problems later in the disks life time as errors tend to rise). Of course any PO error you get is probably a write error.

The problem is that LiteOn scans are unreliable since the LiteOn drives are known to be very tolerant readers towards low-level disc errors … Plextools PIPO results are far more comparable to CATS scans (especially the Beta scan is a good indicator for disc problems).

I agree that plextools BLER scanning is superior to Kprobe. My point to the above poster was PIE scan by itself is meaningless. I am thinking of making a good sticky so we all can use the same settings and tests…etc. to compare using plextools. :wink: Yes I do like the beta/jitter scanning to! :iagree:

The problem with Plextools is that you cannot configure your scans like with using K-Probe … the advantage over K-Probe is that you can scan for any type of casual error, though … From my point of view and my experience with DVD writing up to today, POF are of major interest since these will surely lead to corrupted/unreadable data. That’s why I prefer PTP’s Sum8 Test.

This is a wonderful idea, IMO. :iagree:


I agree partially. You can configure it like kprobe if you know how. But POF is tested on a PIE test or a PIF test. Also running at 2x is a waste of time using good quality will do a 4x scan which not as accurate is far quicker(same thing we comprimise with kprobe). I will explain more later on this.

Well Jamos, I would like to know how to test the media with my plex to obtain comparable results with k-probe; please post the exact settings to use.

Was a little bored so I burnt and tested this one. By the looks of this burn, I should sell the drive back to Plextor so they can see what they did right with mine and compare to what they did wrong with other’s…

But if they really asked, I would have to decline and say “NO WAY”