Bitsetting recent liteon drives under linux

is there a way to bitset a liteon 1693s under linux?

There is dvd+rw-booktype that’s included with the dvd+rw-tools package (google for it) … Though, it doesn’t work on my 1693S … It does with older LiteOn’s though.

I just reboot into my XP partition, use the book setting tool for each type of disk to DVD-ROM and then forget about it.

Good luck.

What about NeroLinux?

I looked through the source for the tool mentioned above a few months ago, and it’s out-of-date for the newer LiteOn models. Dunno if or when the author will get around to updating it.

If you can boot to Windows, then you can set the booktype there and have the setting permanently saved to the drive so that it’ll automatically bitset.