Bitsetting questions using 812s@832s VS08


I have a half dozen or so of rewriteable media which are of three different brands:

Verbatim DVD-RW 2x
Imation DVD+RW 2.4x
Ricoh DVD+RW 4x

I know the DVD-RW doesn’t work, but with the others i’m having difficulty playing movies on some of them with one of my dvd players.
The thing is, that all the discs work with one of the players (the older one), but only some of them work with the newer one. But its a mixture of some of the Ricoh work and some don’t. Ditto for the imation. Each brand is the same media code and type of disc.

I’ve played around with the booktype and i know Nero is setting the booktype to DVD-ROM, since thats what Nero, K-Probe 2 and Liteon bitsetting utility tells me they are.
If i use the Liteon utility and change it to DVD+RW, then the Liteon program says its DVD+RW, but the others dont. They still say DVD-ROM.
Is there a way to fix this as well?

Unless you use the “Instant/Write Now” feature of KProbe v2.2.3 the booktype will not change on the +RW disc until you reburn the disc.