Bitsetting Question?

I have just flashed my 3540 to Liggy’s 1.0.1 firmware with bitsetting and altered dvd+r to dvd-rom with dvdinfo pro. DVD Decrypter still reports the booktype of the drive as being dvd+r. Is this just a quirk of DVD Decrypter? Any help would be great.

adyf you flashed your drive with BinFlash right? If so then just use the GUI version to set your ‘BookType’ to DVD-ROM. If you are unsure of your disc’s BookType status just check it with DVDInfoPro’s ‘Media Info’ or Nero CD-DVD Speed’s ‘Disc Info’, both should work just fine. :wink:

yes, but if you scroll down the window it should say booktype dvd-rom.

Thanx for the replies. DVDinfo Pro, Binflash GUI and Nero CD - DVD Speed all say booktype set to DVD-ROM, however DVD Decrypter still says booktype is DVD+R!! Burnt disc regardless and it will play on my Wharfedale M1 which wouldn’t previously play dvd+r’s. However, sometimes when i load the disc it will return an unknown disc error. What i need to know is, is DVD Decrypter functioning properly or do other people have similar problems when loading dvd+r’s where their set top players wouldn’t previously play them until they changed the booktype? Hope this makes sense, just trying to narrow down the cause of the unknown disc error.

Just a thought, could it be media related? Experimenting with cheap mirror platinums.

[Edit] Your Mirror Platinums could be the cause.

Media quality can be a big contributor to how your DVD player will behave when playing a DVD. It could also be a small side effect of your DVD Player now being able to play DVD+R with the DVD-ROM BookType. I’ve never experienced anything like that so I couldn’t tell you much.

hoes it look like this?