Bitsetting Question with NEC drives

Do you guys keep bitsetting on all the time ie keep it toggled? Or is it something that you have to set for each burn

I’ve not used bitsetting (i did flash my ND2510a with Herries 107v2b5).

I ask because I’m planning on making a DVD-Video to distribute to guests at my wedding, and I assume my best bet (when using DVD+R’s) will be to set the booktype to DVD-ROM, right?

I’d hate to spend all this time and effort to produce something that has moderate compatibilty at best.

Also, all this talk about bad-batches of DVD media has me worried. For a project like this, would I be better off getting the discs pressed?


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I also have the 2510 and herries fb 107vsb5. If you use dvdinfo pro to set the default book type, it will stay there unless you change it again. I set mine to that and every disk I’ve burned has worked perfectly and has the dvd-rom booktype after burned. I have used memorex 4x, verbatim datalife plus 8x, and sony 4x dvd+r and all have worked fine with no coasters. You should be mine with this fw


hey imba,
did u just open the .rar and run the exe file or u flashed it from dos?
could you explain how u did it?