Bitsetting Problems


Would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me why the Write Now! box is grayed on the Liteon Bitsetting Utility.

It is a brand new DVD+R inserted. Somehow, it does not give me the option of writing the bitsetting on the disk (before recording).

Attached is picture of what I mean.

Please help :frowning:


That’s normal!!! The way it is right now means it’s going to be written as DVD-rom as soon as you burn your media!!!
Remember bitsetting is just a manner of burning, so if you “write Now” what are you going to write!!!???

I’m not sure about this, but maybe the “Write Now” button is for rewritable media.

If you use “Sace setting” and “Change” the DVD-ROM Booktype will be saved in the eeprom. So every DVD+R will have the booktype DVD-ROM.

yep, you are right!!! a rewitable media can be erased and the booktype kept (I think :rolleyes: )

Thanks a million guys!!!

Now I know why.

Should the DVD compatibility box be checked in nero?
I think it writes extra code to be more compatible.

Thanks again.

Or maybe is possible to change booktype after burning. I think that I made a try; maybe this can help me to read some rewritable on my old Samsung standalone player

Just for the record. The Liteon Bitsetting help file (pdf) says that a DVD+R MUST be bit-set BEFORE burning.

Don’t know what they mean.

If you don’t set booktype before burning then burned disc will remain +R.

This is because booktype is set during burning, so if you don’t set it before burning it will be impossible to set after burning.