Good Day, Message to the Knowledgeable ones :bow:
Just Installed “Binflash + LD V1.4 FAST Firmware” from liggy-dee and, everything went ok, but have 2 questions:

[li]After changing DVD+R SL DVD+RW to “DVD-ROM” I get a message that “Booktype’s changed” but I can still see “factory default (active)” for both of 'em ( even after restarting my pc) :rolleyes:, is this right?? AND[/li][li]I don’t even have the option to change the booktype for DVD+R DL, and I think It should be available[/li][/ol]Thx everyone for your comment

Yep, thats “normal”. I have the same on my systems and Bitsetting is working perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:
Every DVD+R and DVD DL are set to DVD-ROM booktype, so don’t bother about this message.
Just try a burn and you’ll see!! :iagree:

phew I updated the firmware on my NEC-6500A with the fast firmware for it. I changed the bitsetting for DL to be DVD-Rom (used the win32 gui) and hit apply. I’ll run a test burn on a DVD+R and see if it is also a DVD-ROM bitsetting…

Thankyou to all who are involved in this forum for the work you have done :bow: