Bitsetting problem



Hi Guys,

I am trying to make these DVD+R’s work in my old DVD-Rom drive. I hear it’s about the booktype or bitsetting. My LG GSA-4160B officially doesn’t support this feature. does anyone have any suggestions?


AFAIK bitsetting is impossible at a moment. I also have 4160 :sad:
maybe it’s time to write a joint petition to LG…


Make it very loud that you want bitsetting. Only that will help, I think.


Hi there,
I got the 4160B as well, but to be honest, I never really (after reading some stuff!) got the hang of what bitsetting was anyway.
I always thought that it plays only a role on DL-Dvds. Might be a stupid question, but if anyone here could enlighten me on what it really is… I would be very gratful.


so is that correct that without bitsetting I can’t make a DVD+R or -R read in a normal DVD-rom?

I got a DVD from a freind and nero info tool said it’s a -r, but my DVD-Rom could read it. did he play with bitsetting then or why else would I be able to read it?


To make it a litter cleare, here are a few facts:

Fact 1: LG GSA-4120B supports bitsetting which is about changing the “Book Type” of a DVD+R (SL), DVD+R Double Layer, and DVD+RW disk from the original to DVD-ROM because there are DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video standalone players that can recognize only DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW book types but not DVD+R/+RW booktypes. The firmware must be one of the latest revisions and the burning software also need to be updated. But DVD+RW bitsetting is not included.

Fact 2: LG GSA-4163B supports bitsetting nearly the same way LG GSA-4120B does.

Fact 3: Only bitsetting to DVD+R Double Layer disks is included and it’s done automatically without requiring user attention. Bitsetting for DVD+R (SL) and DVD+RW is not included.

Fact 4: Bitsetting for DVD-R and DVD-RW is not possible. Bitsetting is part of the DVD+RW/+R specification.

Fact 5: Most DVD-ROM PC drivies, DVD-Video standalone players, DivX/DVD players, XBox, PS/2, and other DVD-related devices recognize and read DVD+R/DVD+RW disks. Some DVD+RW disks are not made very well and it makes some devices unable to read the disks properly because of the very low reflectivity of DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and CD-RW disks.

Fact 6: Most DVD players can play movies on DVD+R DL disks with booktype changed to DVD-ROM. I don’t know if there’s a DVD recorder that does not allow booktype on a DVD+R DL disk to be changed to DVD-ROM.

#7 :

The GSA-4160B doesn’t let you set the book type of single layer DVD+R or DVD+RW media. However, with the A302 firmware, the book type for DVD+R DL media is automatically set to “DVD-ROM”. This greatly reduces compatibility problems, especially with older DVD players. :

Book type (bitsetting).

The LG GSA-4163B supports bit-setting and can write DVD+R and DVD+R9 DL media with DVD-ROM book type.

In our tests we used the Bitsetting option in Nero CD-DVD Speed to change the book-type:

So I can’t do any bitsetting with the 4160, but I can with the 4163. I originally asked for the 4163, and in South Africa, they currently only have the 4160, so the dealer bought that one and I didn’t see it straight away.

I think I must return that one and import a 4163 / or get another writer. Is this teh best idea?


Tell the dealers GSA-4160B should have been discontinued months ago.


It’s funny becuase I had the importer telling me this is the lastest and greatest technology…

would you buy a 4163 or different brand writer?


Try some good Quality -R blank media to burn on and see if your DVD player likes them.


The importer lied. If it were me, I’d only buy GSA-4163B. There’s really no need to look at anything else since MCC003, MCC004, YUDEN000T02, TYG02, RICOHJPNR02, RICOHJPNW11, MKM001, MCCA02, and other high-quality media are available in practically unlimited quantity at reasonable cost.


i’m with you on that one. i had a lg4120b that died on warranty and they replaced it with a lg4160b - there goes my bitsetting, thank god i have a dw1620 benq. i have heard that the only reason they had bitsetting on the 4120 was because of the noad firmware and lg did not want people using an unofficial firmware so they implemented bitsetting on the newer versions of their firmwares. i don’t know if this is true, but if it is easy for them to implement bitsetiing why not do it??? :confused:


Because of DVD Forum.


so what? :rolleyes: DVD Forum likes 4120 + 4163 and hates 4160?


Perhaps. :bigsmile:

DVD Forum is a politcal tool represented by people from many manufacturers. Politics and standard-setting organizations are not always logical. What’s logical with MP3 DRM and DVD region code? And there are multiple standards of HDTV.


Well, my LG-4160b is no more. I returned it and now we begin again.

I am still thinking of the GSA-4163B. Is this the best drive to go for or should I get a different brand? Is there anything this 4163 can’t do that I might need?


It can’t do Blu-ray. :slight_smile:


I read the extrememgz review - what is rip locking and how will it effect me?
He says it’s not as extreme as other drives, what will I be able to do and what don’t I be able to do?




why does bitsetting only work on the DVD+R family and not on the DVD-R? do you need to change a -R or does that automatically convert to DVD-ROM or can all DVD-R’s be ready by old and standalone units?