Bitsetting problem with 1633s and dvd+r


I have the LiteOn 1633s and I bought some TDK 1-8x DVD+R. now my xbox does not read dvd+r so I had to change the bitsetting to dvd-rom. and I have a special program by the liteon team that lets me do that. The only thing is, when I put it in empty it doesn’t let me change it! I had no problem changing my dvd+rw to dvd-rom but I can’t change this I will post a pic. (I am using the Phillips DVD+RW and I have the BSOS firmware on my liteon)

this is what happens when i put a dvd-rw, i press “change” then “write now” and my xbox reads it fine.

but when i put the dvd+r in i can only press “change”, not “write now”. even if i just press change and it says booktype set successfuly it stays as dvd+r and my xbox cant read it.

any help will be greatly apriciated, thia forum has helped me alot before so thanks in advance.

The “Write Now” button is only for +RW and allows you to change the booktype after a disc has been burned. For +R discs, you must change the booktype to -ROM prior to burning. +RW is rewritable media and thus you can re-write tbe booktype field; as +R is not rewritable, once it has been burned with the +R booktype, you can’t do anything about it.

yep so from what i understand your saying i should change the booktype before i burn the dvd right?

well i put a EMPTY dvd+r in the liteon and i still cant change it!

so how do i change it?


Put in a blank +R, click “change”, and then burn your disc.


yes thats what i do, put it in then press chane and

“Current disc Booktype” is still dvd+r!

should i just ignore it and burn? please keep in mind that i only have two left and i dont want to make too many mistakes!

thanks for the help, its apriciated.

The DVD+R won’t get changed to booktype DVD-ROM until after you burn it.

okay i am confused!

are you saying that i change the bitsetting after i burn or will it change the bitsetting automaticly after its finished burning?

thanks and sorry i need idiot proff help.

Set the booktype before you burn, then burn the disc.

thanks it worked!

this forum is off the chain! i love it! now i will not have to spend alot of money buying ridisc dvds when i can just set the booktype!

thanks again guys! :bow: