Bitsetting problem,Toshiba can't read my DVD's

First of all it’s a very good forum and I base my decision to buy the nec 3500 on it.
But…I have a problem with my Toshiba DVD-Rom sd-m1502 it can’t read the DVD’s after I burned them with the nec.
Then I realize that there is a problem with something called " bitsetting " , well I didn’t knew it before.
I upgrade my firmware to herries’s firmware 2.17 and use WinBType so is set the d+r and d+r DL to booktype DVD-ROM.
I know my Toshiba DVD-rom sd-m1502 reads DVD-r , I checked it with Nero info tool.
I use Nero 6.3 to burn the data DVD’s use the iso/udf method, I tried to burn DVD-r and d+r and non of them willing to read by the Toshiba.
Then I tried to find out if DVD+r as changed is booktype to DVD-ROM after the burning , with Nero info tool it recognized as DVD+r and with DVD info pro the booktype set to DVD-Rom…
So I am a little bit confused…
Is there any suggestions out there to try solve that problem ?
Does someone get the same thing with the Toshiba ?


There has been a lot of probs wit Nero 6.3.xx and bitsetting lately.
Here are a few examples

Try upgrade to latest version ( me thinks) and your bitsetting will be working again. :smiley:

… hmm … long time ago I owned the same drive, I think I’d been able to read DVD+R, not sure really,
. . but my first dvd-writer was a DVD+R only and I can’t remember any problems
… maybe it’s a firmware issue … did you upgrade to the latest one ?? … I think ‘1816’ or so

… sorry, I’m out of memory … just an idea :wink:

Thanks for your replay.
In the Toshiba I had firmware 1012 and I upgrade it to 1816 after you mention it.
But still no use. The Toshiba still refuse to read the DVD+r and DVD-r although the DVD+r shown as DVD-ROM in the DVD info tool.
I also tried Nero 6.6 and still have the same problem.
The burned DVD’s are :

Benq DVD+R 4X
Verbatim DVD+RW 4X DataLifePlus
Verbatim DVD-R 4X DataLifePlus
Verbatim DVD-RW 2X DataLifePlus

Non of them run’s at the Toshiba drive

… hmmm … I suppose there’s something going wrong with your Tosh, at least if burned discs
. . are readable elsewhere … compared with experiences here the 1502 should read
. . DVD+R/RW as I mentioned before … yours can’t read it, even (some) -R/RW are impossible to read
. . so I conclude Tosh or Nec, one of them is faulty :confused:

I have a close relative, I suppose, to the 1502… the 1612… It works great with burns from anything I own (including a NEC 3500) and anthing from any burner my friends own. The drives are sweet… Dependiing on the age of the drive and usage level I would have to go with ShivaZ thoughts… Mind you, I have had myy 1612 for atleast two years now I think.

Sometimes, cleaning the lens works wonders… At least for me, when I cleaned the lens of my SD-M 1612!

Well…till now I didn’t succeeded to get play the DVD+r and DVD-r that burn by the nec -3500 by the Toshiba.
I am positive that the problem here is with the Toshiba and not with the nec.
Because I look at the burn DVD+r disk with DVD info tool and it’s booktype set for DVD-rom , so it should play by the Toshiba.

But it wont play it…
I also tried the firmware for the Toshiba :
1816 , 1012 , J816
no use…

Even try to clean the Toshiba lens as " easy-going-man " said.

What more can i do ?

test the toshiba drive with a other burnd dvd from a friend or so.,… if that dvd doesn´t work i would say that your drive is broken,… my thoshiba 1612 with J806 Dirmware read all cd´s or dvd´s that i give him… a few friends came to me with discs that they couldn´t read i put them in an my thosh reads them…

bad for you and your thosh

same as The Master said… Toshiba drives are awsome… It doesnt even need to be set to dvd-rom (you kept hinting/pointing toward that) it will read +/- diisks perfectly fine. And I meant your toshiba is prbally going when I replied earlier… not your NEC 3500. Deffinately, if possible, get a burn from another drive, or a friend and try it in the toshiba… From the sound of it, your toshiba is probally on its way out.

I think so too.
My friend has a pionner dvd-rom , i will try the burned dvd’s on it.
All what i did and it still not working i agree with you bilmke i think the toshiba life is near to end…
Today i tried to test a cd with nero cd speed with toshiba and with the nec.
the toshiba read’s it with a lot of errors and the nec reads it just fine, with out any problem.
It’s was a good drive…but 3 years of hard work probblely effect on it…

Thank you guys for your great support !!!