Bitsetting problem on NEC 2510a

After installing all the new firmware updates for the ND-2510a drive, including the DVD+R DL bitsetting upgrade, I tried to use DVDInfo Pro to change the book type of a single layer DVD+R to DVD-ROM, but the program would not let me. I’m not sure exactly why. Is there another program to use, or is a different firmware upgrade required?

Hi there and be welcome!

Can you tell us what you did exactly?

This is the proper way to work:

  1. Insert the empty disc in your NEC
  2. Start DVDInfoPro and set the bit to the value you want it
  3. Fire up your burning software and burn the disc with DVDInfoPro still running
  4. Succes (if ok :)).

Yes, I did everything in that order, however, when I press the button to set the drive to default to DVD-ROM bitsetting, it says “Error, drive does not support bitsetting”, even though I have updated the firmware so it should.

I’m wondering if that firmware update only made bitsetting available on the dual layer discs, and not the more common single layer discs, which won’t be helpful until the DVD+R DLs come down under $10!