Bitsetting problem on AD-5200S




i’ve an AD-5200s and i want to use bitsetting fonction on DVD+R and DVD+R DL.

i download binflash and liggy&dee bitsetting firmware 1.09 auto.

the flash is ok, but when i use bindflash to see bitsetting -> no change between original firmware.

when i write with nero and set bitsetting option set according to writer (i try to put dvd-rom bitsetting option and no change) -> the dvd+r is still dvd+r not dvd+rom…

the firmware not seems to modify the bitsetting, can someone confirm this ? or does anybody use bitsetting on dvd+r with this writer ?

thanks a lot



A DVD+R will alway be a DVD+R and remain so.
Bitsetting is no disctype info.


I can confirm…its a buggy firmware…see: