Bitsetting Problem -- LiteOn 851S -- please help

Ok, I’m using firmware GS0C and the Lite-On Bitsetting program downloaded directly from Lite-On. The versions says 1.0.4.

When I insert a blank DVD+R and I hit “Change” I then select “DVD-ROM” and it says it changed it successfully.

Then, I burn my .GI image to my DVD+R using RecordNow.

Afterwards, I re-insert this CD and I press “Query”. The attached image is what I get displayed.

Whats going on here? It doesn’t appear to be actually changing the booktype to DVD-ROM.

Well mate, it does works…
If u actally take a look on the Booktype utility manual, the error message is absolutely normal!!

If u want to be more sure, double check with DVDInfoPro :iagree:

Oh, my bad then.

Thanks for the help!