Bitsetting prob

hi, look here is the deal:
i have a asus 1604pd dvd dl burner. and i need to burn some dl but… i need to record the dvds in dvd-rom book type not the standar dvd+r dl book type (or else my ps2 wont read them). i already know that my burner is not capable to change book types, so i need to know if anyone knows a software or any firmware version that allows me to do bitsetting. thanks in advance.

Did you do a search with google or another search engine on the web to find a program for bittyping on the asus? But as far as for me my liteon 832S if I remember right they have a program for bitsetting the booktype from +R only to make it to +ROM for compatiblity on standalone players. But I think if you drive isn’t able to change the booktype I think that is the limit of the drive.

yes i did search. and i also found that my burner records the dl dvds as dvd rom by default. the question now is then why my ps2 cant read em

If your burner is not capable to be set for booktype then you can’t do any thing regardless of any software.

Because either youhave used crappy DL media or it were burnt badly.

Try to get some Verbatim dual layer media. It’s generally considered to be the best. Dual layer media is really hard to manufacture, unfortunately, and few are getting it right on a reliable basis.

If those discs work, you have an answer… it’s media issues. Those discs are the most likely to work right.

Don’t necessarily burn at the fastest speed available. Burning at a speed or two below maximum often increases quality. Don’t go to the slowest speed though as most burners do best somewhere in the middle. For example, if you have 8x DL media and your burner supports 8x, try 4x.

Standalone Playability:

Both the Verbatim and the Ritek DVD+R9 DL discs written by the ASUS DRW-1604P were tested in our standalone players. Players that we tested on include the Philips DVP642, Koss KD365 and an older model: the Toshiba SD-2300. The ASUS DRW-1604P burns DVD+R DL discs with a DVD-ROM Book Type by default, which is a positive and helps to improve compatibility with standalone players. We ran into a problem with the Ritek DVD+R9 DL disc when testing on the older Toshiba SSD-2300 standalone DVD Player. The player would not recognize the Ritek DL disc, but it had no problems playing the Verbatim DL disc. For best results with older standalone units, stick with using Verbatim DVD+R DL discs on this drive.

DVD+R9 DL Summary: The ASUS DVD+R DL drive can write to Verbatim DVD+R DL media at 4x, producing discs with a DVD-ROM Book Type that can be played without hassle in a range of standalone DVD players. Results on Ritek DVD+R DL media are ok, but this media type might have trouble on older standalone units.

Can burn +R DL at max. 4x.
Only try with Verbatim DL.

I just found another post on cdfreaks here mentioning a program that might be able to help booktype on your burner.

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give that a try

I have to agree with chef a low quality media will produce bad burns. But also when your doing burning just make sure your not multitasking cause your CPU needs all the resources to do a quality burn.

i did it with verbatim at 2.3x… and my pc does read the media, my ps2 wont… i applied the “toxic patch” thats supossed to fix any dl reading prob with ps2s… and NOTHING. fk. any suggestions?

So its the drive in the ps2…