Bitsetting please reply

Can somebody tell me how to change bitsetting with dvd decrypter?? Is it possible with dvd+r to change to dvd-rom? Im worried that my PS2 wont read my dvd+r’s and would like to be sure that it will read and I understand that if you change the bitsetting to dvd-rom it will work with every PS2 version. Please reply thanks. This forum is the BEST! Its great that everbody knows what theyre talking about and can help out a noob. Thanks again

I don’t think that you can do bitseeting with DVD Decrypter, but you can use Nero CD/DVD Speed to set the disk to ROM.

Just set the disk before or after the burn to -ROM.


DVD Decrypter supports bitsetting for many drives that support it themselves.

Select the burner in the dropdown, then right click it and choose “Change Book Type…” You must then choose the manufacturer of your drive since Bitsetting Preference changing commands often vary by manufacturer and even between different firmware versions.

Depends on the drive …

For example with Plextor you just change the bitsetting type in Plextools and then it is automatically applied whenever you burn, regardless of the burning software.

And i learned something again, thanks

Oh thats cool I have a plextor drive, so all you do is change the bitsetting with the plextor drive, right? Does it work with a px712 plextor drive? thanks