Bitsetting Pioneer 110d

guys…I just purchased this drive :iagree: and Id like to know how EXACTLY (step by step) flash my drive to make -rom discs, I know i have to use DB flasher, but simply do not how to use it

sorry, dvr110d does not support bitsetting on single layer disks afaik (you should wait for oem firmware that does)

I may be wrong but i thought that

The Dangerous Brothers have a firmware for the 110D with bitsetting based on the Buffalo


“Currently RPC1 with Bitsetting firmware based on 1.22 (Synthesized from 8.22). Drive will remain as regular “GENERAL” model, not Buffalo “OEM_INT” model”

Available here

I Flashed my 110D with DVRflash 2.2 and TDB’s bitsetting firmware but have yet to try it on +r media.

Do what others do:
It worked for me and many others who knew very little when we first visited these forums.
BTW- Thanks CDFreaks!

I know it does , I just know I have to use a modified fw from the dangerous bros , but I dont know the exact commanline to do that…


I searched, i read, I thought …and didnt flash cause didnt find the exact commndline to do that…maybe I have to read a little more or…
Im plain stupid :confused:


ok I did it didnt commnadlone…just a double click…thanks

ok I did it,didnt need ANY commnadline…just a double click…thanks

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Congrats and good luck with your Pioneer 110D w/ bitsetting. Let us know your results when you can.