Bitsetting on SOHW-1633S

How do I bitset on a LITE-ON SOHW-1633S (driver version 5.0.1283.1)? Thanks.

Tom H.

Lite-On’s bit-type setting tool or KProbe… both can set the bit type to DVD-ROM.

I tried KProbe and Lite-On’s Book Type routine. I managed to get KProbe to bitset from DVD+R to DVD-ROM on one out of 5 DVDs. I could never get Book Type to work. When I tried to burn a wedding video I edited and compiled for DVD using DVD-Lab, I received a message saying the DVD had already been used. I thought I was supposed to do the bitset before recording on a DVD+R (per instruction on Lite-On’s Book Type routine, but not sure if that applies to KProbe though). I now have Nero Ultra 6 which I believe supports bitsetting/book typing. I’m not sure if using Nero will overlook the ‘DVD already used’ problem I encountered after using DVD-Lab which has an ordinary DVD burning routine. Burning to DVD has been easy with DVD-Lab, but I have a learning curve with Nero now.


ive had no problem with the liteon boot type setting

Which DVD brand did you use to bitset using a Lite-on drive?

with my 812@832, nero had an option to set the book type, with 812 alone, and now 1633 there is no that option.

so here are some questions:

1- to set the book type from dvd+r to dvd-rom, i need to use the liteon book type tool or kprobe before burning the disk, then burn with nero?

2- what does the Omni Patcher Auto-bitsetting option do? it will set book type to dvd-rom on all burned media?

3- is there any side-effect by changing book type of ALL dvd+r media i burn (movies, data, music) to dvd-rom? i know that movies will get more compatibilaty with dvd players, but are there any effect with normal computer use (dvd for data backup)?


Do you have a Lite-on 1633? If so, what’s its firmware version - BSOA or higher? Did you use Lite-on’s Book Type tool or Kprobe to do book type/bitset? I have Nero Ultra 6 (need to update it) and I haven’t come across how to do book type/bitset yet. Based on mcbyte, I’m wondering if my 1633 is listed somewhere in the version of Nero I have or in the version upgrade.


I’m trying to do bitsetting/book typing to change a DVD+R to a DVD-ROM using Nero Ultra 6 (Version Nero’s site mentions that the software can perform bitsetting/book typing, but I can’t figure out where in the software to do that. The software’s manual, help section and the the associated PDF doc files that come with the software do not mention anything about bitsetting/book typing. Does anyone know how to do bitsetting/book typing using Nero Ultra 6?

I’m trying to do bitsetting/book typing to change a DVD+R to a DVD-ROM using Nero Ultra 6 (Version

the latest nero to include auto bitsetting for liteon drives is
any version higher than that has removed auto bitsetting for liteon drives at the request of liteon (why is a mystery to me but they have).
so if you use nero or earlier and have enables auto bitsetting in omnipatcher then dvd+r should show as dvd-rom after burning without the use for any other third party bitsetting tool

another way around it is you could try a rebadged firmware for 1633 (codeking will be able to tell you). i have nero and i have a liteon 832 that doesnt have bitsetting support in nero…but when i flash to sony dru700a VY06 firmware (rebadged liteon 832) i get bitsetting option in nero as the drive is no longer seen as a liteon but a sony in nero…further confirmation that it is liteon that has requested the removal and not a bug in nero…

Thanks for the helpful info. No wonder I couldn’t find anything about bitsetting in Nero The Nero site needs to add a note saying bitsetting was only available on versions 6.x.x.xx to I can’t imagine why Nero would be influenced to take out a feature that might be useful for other drive users. I bet Lite-On influenced the Nero developer as a marketing ploy. I didn’t have any success with Lite-On’s Book Type utility and was only able to bitset on 1 out of 5 DVD+Rs using KPROBE. I was finally able to bitset using Omnipatcher on FW version BSOH, but not sure if that is a Lite-On approved FW since I found it on another site other than at Lite-On. I was able to bitset 2 DVD+Rs and played them both back on my Panasonice DVD-R desktop recorder. Now, the true test is delivering DVD+Rs bitset to DVD-ROM and having them play back on my wedding video clients’ players. I understand a few Pioneer players can’t be fooled by bitsetting - a chance I guess I’ll have to take. I don’t like getting complaints that a wedding video I produced doesn’t play back properly or at all due to DVD-R/+R incompatibility. The DVD might play back on their home player, but not on a friend’s or relative’s player I am aware that the firmware in alot of DVD players is not as standardized as they should be which can result in inconsistent playback from player to player.

Tom H.

I forgot to mention that I had trouble playing back a music CD using my Lite-On 1633 after I used Omnipatcher. I didn’t check out CD-ROM playback before I used Omnipatcher so I can’t comment on any pre-Omnipatcher music CD playback issues.

bitsetting is still available in upwards…just not for liteons…thats why theres nothing on their site. and from what i read it was at the request of liteon.
the only thing you can do really is booktype to dvd-rom and if a client says it wont play invest in some decent quality - discs for those rare times that bitsetting wont allow playback in a standalone dvd player…

I think you’re referring to the version of Nero that comes bundled with Lite-On drives. I purchased the full up version of Nero Ultra 6 and upgraded to by downloading the lastest update and I still didn’t see anything referencing how to do bitsetting. It seems to me the only way for the software I have (Nero Version can exclude bitsetting (based on what you said, “bitsetting is still available in upwards…just not for liteons…”) is to find my Lite-On drive installed on my PC and install everything but bitsetting-related code. My goal is to deliver DVDs to clients and have it play back on not just their players, but stand a good chance of playing on their friends or relatives’ players too.

doesnt matter wether its bundled or full retail… is the last version to allow bitsetting on liteon drives…if you get you can either use the buolt in nero set book type option or flash your drive with omnipatcher for auto bitsetting and it will change to dvd-rom auto every burn…but you need that version becuase even if ya autobitset in omipatcher the newer versions of nero will over ride it…omnipatcher alters the firmware but cannot over ride the software settings. and i burnt hundreds of dvd’s on with no problems at all.
alternatively use a different burning prog but if your a nero die hard then is the way to go

I upgraded (via download from Nero) to (mentioned this in my previous post)last weekend and I was able to bitset 2 DVD+Rs to DVD-ROMs in spite of what you said above. I wasn’t aware of the issue of bitsetting you mentioned above of using newer versions of Nero (e.g.,