Bitsetting on ND 3550A

I understand that the factory NEC 3550A firmware (1.05) supports bitsetting on DVD+R DL media only. If one is only planning on using DVD+R DL media, is it worth flashing to a firmware that supports bitsetting on DVD+R/W media as well?

In most cases, you probably wouldn’t need booktype DVD-ROM for +RW media - and it can produce issues because ROM and RW is just different. :wink:
As for the +R discs - if you have a older standalone you may want to use this feature on +R media for better compatibility.

Thanks for the reply! I guess I’ll look into Dee’s 1.Y6 firmware since that includes bitsetting and speed enhancements.

Yes, highly recommended.

Hi there,

I have the NEC-3550a with the 1.Y6 firmware.

It will booktype DVD+RW to DVD-ROM on the 1st burn (Brand New Media) after that, it will always burn them as DVD+RW, which is not an issue :disagree:

It will booktype DVD+R to DVD-ROM like a champion :bow:

I have been burning ty 8x -r and have had great success, but I bought a Samsung SH-S162L for the Lightscribe it works great, the problem is the best media Verbatim only comes in +R for Lightscribe. My question is, does the 1.Y6 firmware that I use on my Nec have Bitsetting capabilities, or should I change to Bitsetting 1.06. Thank You in Advance:)

Hi there,

Firmware 1.Y6 has bitsetting + Media Speed up (If I recall).

v1.06 bitsettings doesn’t have those media Speed Up.

If all you are looking for it Bitsetting, both will do the job.

If you have 1.Y6 on there, I would stick with it !

My 2 cents…

I updated to 1.Y6 a couple days ago. No complaints!

Thanks for all the replies!

Is it best to use binflash in DOS. I have a dell with intel application accelerator installed. NEC web site says that using their Windows flasher and this program installed will result in firmware not being upgraded. Is thera a good tutorial on flashing firmware? Is it hard. Sorry to be such a noob. :confused:

You could try running Windows in Safe Mode if IAA is installed on your PC and flash your drive with the GUI version.
Of course there’s a firmware flashing tutorial. :wink:

Thanks Liggy. That tutorial is just what I needed. Now for the key question…Since you are somewhat of a firmware Guru…which hack firmware is the best for the 3550A? There are so many. I know at one time it was said you could upgrade your drive to a more recent one as there was no difference in hardware only in the firmware. Is that true or should I stick with one that is for the 3550A. I usually use nero 6.6 to burn with. I have a much older NEC that I have been using but could not resist getting a newer drive as the prices are so good now.

Hi kbtarl! I use Dee’s 1.y6 and it serves all my purposes, it has bitsetting and media speed up. With bitsetting I can play DVD+R on my old Toshiba which only plays DVD-R discs. It also gave me more media choices even though I primarily use Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim which are two of the best you can get. Good Luck:)

I am curious as to why you say that always burning them as DVD+RW is not an issue. Is it because you can play standard DVD+RWs on your standalone, or is it because the booktype remains as DVD-ROM.

Someone had posted a while back that if you do a complete formatting of DVD+RWs, you can then bitset the discs as DVD-ROM using 1.Y6. I tried it and it didn’t work.

Is there a way to get the 3550A to bitset used +RWs?



All my DVD players are from LG and yes, they all play them as DVD+RW without a problem.

I have the same problem as you, it will bootype it once, and all future burns will be DVD+RW.

I should try multiple erasers, see if one erase it properly to be able to booktype DVD+RW back to DVD-ROM.