Bitsetting on Blu-Ray

Hi All,

I have been burning DVD’s successfully now for sometime, after picking up advice here to “Booktype or Bitset” my burns. This was achieved by buying a new burner capable of this. This completely solved my issue of burned DVD’s not playing on my Panny Stand alone player.

I am now about to take the plunge on a Blu-Ray burner, are there any issues with backed up discs playing on Blu Ray stand alones? Are there similar techniques to Bitsetting/booktyping with Blu-Ray?

Finally, do Blu Ray burners still have the ability to booktype if backing up normal SD DVD’s?

Thanks in advance,


There is NO such for BD!

As chef has pointed out there is no bit setting Blu-ray. As for Blu-ray burners bit setting DvD+ media you will have to do some research because some will and some will not.