Bitsetting on a BTC 1008

I hope this will appear in the newbie forum because thats where it belongs. I got a Digital Pacific BTC 1008 and I thought I would just stick it in and away I go. Not so. I did get the firmware to 0159 but now I hear so much about Book Type and Bitsetting. I am using a ME 1 mhz, I have Creator CD 6 and Nero 6 on my computer. I am having a lot of trouble burning disks. I do have a lot of coasters. All the bitsetting utilities I came across were for XP. If someone would enlighten me as to what the above is and does it work in ME. Also where do I find the option on my computer…rjdana


Nero should do the job for you, check under extras --> choose recorder --> options, the bitsetting.

What medias are you using? I think that your problem with the qualitity is media related, and you will have no better results when you do bitsetting.

BTC drives are known for their not very good quality and they work best when you use quality medias. just take a look to the BTC forum to find out which medias are working good with your device, some users have posted their experienses there.

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Here is a screen from my 1108IM, it should look same with your 1008IM

My BTC 1008 just upgrade to 0060 but i still don’t see the Book type setting under the options. I using Nero 6 with TDK 16x DVD+R. Please help.

This thread is 2 years old, if you can’t set Book Type in your BTC that means your drive is not being supported for this purpose, if I ware you I would stay away from BTC, I had one used it for one week with so much aggravation and head ache finally I return it and bought BenQ.