Bitsetting on 812s - Possible or not?


I have heard different reports if bitsetting works on this drive or not. Please post your bitsetting experiences with this drive in this thread. Please do not forget to mention your firmware version.

There are different firmware versions available. Has any1 tried the bitsetting tool with the Sony firmware?

If all 812s firmware versions do not support bitsetting, is any1 willing to test the 851s firmware GS0A / GS0C on his 812s and post the results? 851@812 seems to be possible => 812@851 will be possible as well.

I have tried it with us01,03, and 05 and cant get it to work.

I’ve only heard one person say that bit setting worked on his 812S. Everyone else has said it does not work.
I would strongly advise against trying to put 851S firmware on your 812S. If you want to see that bad then try it out yourself buddy. :wink:
Hey, I have a 811S I’ll trade for your 812S if you really want bit setting that bad, I’ll even pay for shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

I have ordered the 812s. It will arrive next week.

If 812s firmware works on an 851s, then 851s firmware will work on 812s as well - or am I wrong and the risk is high that I could destroy my drive? Do I have to use a hacked firmware version?

BTW, you still get a good price when you sell your 811s at Ebay. The drive is not outdated and bids will be high.

And the 812s is already available for 103 € in Germany. The price will even be lower in North America.

Originally posted by OC-Freak
Rumour: 812 fw with bitsetting will come in of the first official releases for this drive.

Good news. OC-Freaks “rumours” have always been very reliable. Thank you.

As usual, OC-Freak is right. Here is the official statement from LiteOn. I had sent the request yesterday, today I received this answer:

Dear Madam/Sir,

Thanks for contacting LiteOn Customer Service.

With the current version of LDW-812S, it is still not possible to change the bitsetting of DVD+R/W.
We’re working on a newer version which can support it. It will be released every soon.

Best regards,

Yong Yang
FA Engineer
LiteOn IT (Europe) B.V.

Well. The new firmware is out now :iagree:

Check here for details.