Bitsetting on 1004 - which firmware?

I’ve done a lot of searching and reading on this topic, and I’ve read that in order to use the BTC bitsetting utility (which I have downloaded), you need 049b3 or 050 firmware.

I haven’t been able to find 050 anywhere, but I’m using the RFC1 049 firmware from The Dangerous Brothers. Does anyone know whether this one will work properly with bitsetting?

Also, the reason for trying to change the booktype at all is that I would like to try copying XBOX and PS2 games. I read threads where some people reported success with copying XBOX games by changing the booktype to DVD-ROM. Can anyone corroborate that? Anyone tried it with PS2?

Thanks in advance!

050 firmware isn’t out yet, 049 doesn’t support bitsetting, although the 049beta does apparently, although I havent tried it as I cant flash in dos. so either wait for 050 or download the 049beta and flash with that.

I use the latest 1008IM firmware (357) on my 1004IM and it works very well. I do not try to burn faster than 4X, but the write quality is much better than with 49 and bitsetting is supported.

I am hesitant to try flashing my 1004 with firmware meant for the 1008, although you tempt me by saying it works so much better. Does anyone else have any opinion about this? Anyone else tried it and had success?