Bitsetting of DVD+Rs

I have stacks of DVD+R discs (RICOHJPN-R02-003 and Ritek-R02-001) and my DVD player will not read DVD+Rs. I understand I need a DVD writer that will allow changing book-type. I currently have a Pioneer 106. WHICH IS THE BEST WRITER FOR THIS PURPOSE?

From what I read,

NEC 3500 -> allows bitsetting of DVD+Rs via hacked firmware

Pioneer 108-> only allows bitsetting of DVD-Rs

BenQ1620 -> allows bitsetting of DVD+Rs out of the box.

Can someone please confirm the information above?

Not sure on the Pioneer DVR-108 as I don’t have one. Although I will say that you can not do any bitsetting to DVD-R’s. The only bitsetting capable discs allowed are DVD+R, DVD+RW, and Dual-Layer DVD+R9’s. Most likely I’m assuming the Pioneer DVR-108 will only allow bitsetting to the Dual-Layer discs? Not sure on that myself. :slight_smile:

The NEC can use a variety of hacked firmware that supports bitsetting across all DVD+R formats including Dual Layer.

The BenQ DW1620A does support bitsetting out of the box. No changes needed. I bow down to my BenQ - it’s a truely wonderful drive but this is just my opinion.