Bitsetting not working with dvdidlepro

Ok, I have a question which I tried searching for an answer, but didnt find anyone with this problem. So my apologies in advance if I am retreadding old ground.

Anyhow, I flashed my nec 2510A with herries firmware, 1.07 b5. I switched the booktype with dvdidlepro but in dvd decryptor and other apps, it still says +r. After burning the disc, the disc still said +r. DVD Bitsetter wont even let me check the drive, saying my drive is incompatible.

What am I missing?

What version of DVDInfoPro are you using?


i’m having the same problem w/ DVDInfoPRO, the newest version off their website, but it makes my computer freeze. i can’t get it to stop. all i did was install it. i have an Abit NF7-M, Hitachi 40gb 7200rpm hd, NEC 2500 w/ Herrie’s newest firmware, and a 1700+ proc. any help?