Bitsetting not working on BTC DVDRW IDE 1004 (v251)firmware



Hi all,

Please forgive me if this is in the wrong area of the forum, but not exactly sure where to post. The problem is that I cannot get the bitsetting utility that is provided from BTC, to actually change dvd+r discs to “DVD-ROM”. I have tried using Nero, and it will just burn coasters. Also, when trying to change the bitsetting in cd-dvd speed, all the functions are greyed out, and under “status”, it still says to insert a dvd+r/rw, even though one is inserted. I have also tried dvdinfo pro on this drive, and it basically tells me that it can’t change the book type on the dvd+r as well. These are new, unburned discs. Please let me know if any of you have any ideas, and thanks.

PS…here is a pic of cd-dvd speed WITH a dvd+r in the drive…


Hi and welcome around the forums,

First: This is the correct area to post your questions. :wink:
Second: The fact that you get always coasters and that the media is not shown up indicates a problem with media to burner compatibility. It seems that the media you use is not supported by the drive. What media are u using? (MID Code) have you tried other +R media?



Hey there H3rB3i,

Actually it has managed to somehow make about 3 dvd+r that did burn correctly with the bitsetting “dvd-rom”, but has since started acting this way again. Also the media used is Verbatim “MCC 004”, which was also used on the 3 successful burns.


Well all,

I may have figured out the deal, for anyone who cares. Instead of using BTC’s pointless bitsetting utility, I just use Nero’s “force xbox compatability mode”, which seems to be just “dvd-rom” book type in disguise, and burn at slowest speed. So far this is working.