Bitsetting NEC-3500 firmware for DVD+RW?


Can anyone tell me if there is a firmware available that will allow me to change the booktype of a DVD+RW that is currently
BookType: DVD+RW
I want to change it to DVD-ROM.

I have tried 2.18, modded 2.18’s, and even MadDog Firmware, all seem to exhibit the same thing… it says BOOKTYPE SET: DVD-ROM, but yet formats to DVD+RW.

Some, but not all, NEW DVD+RW’s will format correctly to DVD-ROM, but anything currently DVD+RW is STUCK!!!

I dont remember my 2510a doing this… maybe I should have kept that one?

Lastly… does MadDog intend to fix this problem?? I’m sure they are aware this bitsetting isn’t working correctly. (Yes I know they dont need to support that feature, but if they are going to release it… it should work correctly I would think!!!)

BTW - This is my first post… go easy on me!

what does bitsetting do anyway?

Liggy and dee made one. It’s the best for bitsetting it does dvd+r Dvd+rw Dvd+rdl.

I don’t believe this works properly… it’s based on the 2.18 Bitsetting firmware that has this bug with DVD+RW media…

I was able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM for DVD+RW using the Binflash tool. The firmware listed above was the one I used.

I agree it worked great for me. :iagree:

Sorry to beat this topic over the head again… but when you guys use this tool, are you using NEW unformatted media, or previously used media…

For instance… try this…

Format your NEW DVD+RW media to booktype DVD+RW…
Now try to change the booktype back to DVD-ROM… either re-formatting, erasing, or reburning… I simply cannot do this…
The booktype stays @ DVD+RW… very frustrating…

Actually now that I think about it… media that I had previously burned and set correctly on the 2500 was set as DVD-ROM has now changed to DVD+RW, even after looking at DVDInfoPro that stated booktype was set to DVD-ROM… it’s gotta be a bug…

Am I missing something? This should work!! :confused:

do a forum search. this was dicussed at length about a month or so ago…

See this thread:

This is covered in The Big NEC FAQ

In the case of the 1300 and 2500 series of drives Booktype DVD-ROM for +RW worked by using some firmware supporting RICOH type bitsetting. This doesn’t work on the 3500 series. Once a disc has been burned the booktype can no longer be changed. Even reformatting the disc will not allow you to change the booktype.

Also have an NEC3500A. The booktype will change to DVD ROM with a NEW DVD+RW disc. But if I write over this disc, then it will REVERT to DVD+RW. A full wipe of this disc doesn’t restore the ability to format the disc to DVD ROM. Therefore, the statement “once a disc has been burned the booktype can no longer be changed” does not hold for me.

I was able to format one and one, one yes one no. I have two used Memorex (RICHJPNJPN-W11-01) that where both formated on a optorite DD0401 and I was able to format one to DVD-ROM disc type with 3500. So maybe I wouldn’t have had that luck if the 3500 did it in the first place? :confused:
All I know is I happy that I was able to fix one in the first place. :bigsmile:
Plus I have a new one that I was able to do on the first format. :bigsmile: