Bitsetting & media question for 1008

What is bitsetting and when do I need it?
I’ve been in the process of making a DVD out of a VHStape.
I have it to the point where I’m ready to burn.
My BTC1008 came with 1 disk (Ritek +RW) I believe.
I have burned several CD’s successfully.
I have Nero on my Win Xp system as well as VCD Easy.
Both have burned CD’s successfully.
I also have Tmpg Dvd Author which has a burning program in it.

If this works I need to get some more blank discs.
I’ve read that the RitekG04’s are good.

I was planning on going with -R disks as I believe I’ve
read that they’re a little more widely compatible than +R
(Pioneer 333 standalone dvd player)

So do I need to do ‘bitsetting’ and any rec’s for media
and online stores to get them from?


you need bitsetting when you want to set your dvd+r to booktype DVD-ROM, many “older” dvd player are only compatible with dvd-r and/or DVD-ROM.
your pioneer 333 can both and also +r.

try to burn first to the RW disk, then you´ll see if it works.

RitekG04 are quiet good medias, i order them @

if you want to use bitsetting you get a guide here or here

Thanks for the info.

Concerning any one particular brand of media, like ‘Ritek G04’, for example,
There seems to be several ‘flavors’ of the media - orange/purple/printable/different labeling etc.

Are they all the same quality? If so then why all the variants?
thanks again.

it looks like that there are different qualitys of this ritek medias, check out this thread for some details, but i think with your 1008 you shouldn´t have any problems with this medias.