Bitsetting for Safedisc DVDs?

Has anyone tried copying a DVD protected with safedisc to a DVD+R(W) changing the booktype to DVD-ROM ? Does that makes a working backup ?

I don’t know much about DVD burning, sorry if this is a stupid idea.

New ideas are always welcome here docdocdoc9.

I think it is a software related problem and im not sure if any DVDs can do any EFM tricks.

DVD burners work purely in user mode (non raw). I’m not sure if safedisc checks things like BookType and ADIP. It doesn’t need to as no dvd burner can burn the bad sectors.

If I had a safedisc dvd game, a dvd burner, AND a dvd+r(w) I would find out LOL

ADIP? Dont you mean ATIP? Im pretty sure that SD does check for ATIP. I reckon SD CD version works exaclty the same as the DVD version.


ADIP is the name for what some people call media code/Lead-in.
It tells you which manufacturer made the DVD & what particular dye type it is etc.

LOL You make it sound like ADIP is slang. ADIP is almost the same as ATIP except for DVD+R(W) discs only. DVD-R(W) have something different.

Oh yeah, ill think i just stick to CD backups for now lol.

So, anyone tried ?