Bitsetting for +R SL?

I did a search on this here, and found some topics on bitsetting and CloneDVD, most recently from back in Feb., so thought I’d ask about the newest version, which I have installed and burned a few disks with.

I used my LG GSA-4163, burning to Verbatim +R (MID: MCC 003). As I recall, the LG only holds its bitsetting temporarily, so I used CD Speed to change DVD +R to DVD-ROM. The first disk I burned w/CloneDVD came out as a +R, so I must have inadvertantly ejected or rebooted between when I bitset the drive and burned the disk–this is how I remembered that the LG only holds bitsetting temporarily. :o

Anyway, the second disk I burned, I again changed the +R to ROM using CD Speed, and just to make sure I left CD Speed running while I burned the disk. This time it came out ROM, so that’s good; first time I must have goofed. But basically I was wondering, does the latest version of CloneDVD itself support bitsetting from +R to ROM? I couldn’t find a setting change anywhere, either in Preferences or by right-clicking all over the place, nor in any FAQs or the manuals. Is there someplace in CloneDVD I can force it to set ROM for single-layer +R disks? I know that Olli said it always tries to set ROM for +R dual layer, but I’m also interested in single layer. (I tend not to think about bitsetting, as I used to use Shrink, and it always automatically bitset to ROM if the drive allowed it.)

Do you try use DVDInfopro to set the bitsetting?

I used CD Speed… Does DVDInfopro somehow make the setting permanent on the LG, which as I understand it, only holds the settings temporarily?

Anyway, to answer your question, no I didn’t. If you think it could do something that CD Speed’s bitsetting utility cannot, I’ll try it. Do you think it will make a difference? (I took just a quick look at it on Nic’s site–looks a lot like CD Speed, tho if you mentioned it, it must do other things than CD Speed does?)

DVDInfopro doesn’t make it permanent either. This link discusses this more fully

No. CloneDVD only changes the bitsetting for +R Dual Layer discs (It always sets it to DVD-ROM).

Thanks, Olli. Is bitsetting for +R media on your “to-do” list?

Yeah, I realized that last night after I shut off the computer. :smiley: I’m guessing the part of the LG drive that stores the bitsetting gets reset to default on reboot, as that’s when I think it happened. (Windows Update was updating around the time I was trying this out, and it wanted a reboot when it was done.)

I guess my alternative is to use one of my other drives, tho I like the LG quite a bit. I have a BenQ 1620 that is permanently bitset to ROM, so I guess when I use CloneDVD I’ll use that drive–assuming my memory doesn’t fail me again. :slight_smile:

Actually - no. Bitsetting is tricky, as there is no common way to do it. Every manufacturer is cooking his own soup. +R setting shouldn’t cause problems anymore today. If I need to do bitsetting, I set my drive permanently (I usually use NEC drives with the Liggy firmware). It is the job of the drive maker to provide bitsetting tools, but there are many 3rd party tools as well.
Sad to hear, that some drives can only do temporary bitsetting. Even the old Philips/Ricoh drives could do it permanently.

Ah, well… Guess I’ll have to remember to make sure I’ve set the booktype on the LG when I use it. I have 4 drives–in addition to the LG, an NEC 3520 which won’t bitset +R at all w/stock fw; a BenQ 1620, which has ROM permanently bitset to ROM; and a Lite-On 1693 that I’m still playing with. I haven’t decided yet which one does best making a +R into a ROM (backing up movies), tho my current feeling is that the LG seems to burn a slightly better disk, which is why I was hoping CloneDVD could do it for me. :wink: