Bitsetting for LG GSA 4040B?

Hi everyone,

i bought the multi-format-DVD/CD writer from LG, and i am very
happy with it NOW that i found out the only “problem” it has,
was not a problem with the writer, but rather with my s.a. DVD-Player.

At first i only had rw-media, as i wanted to try out and get used
to DVD-writing and -authoring and don’t produce lots of toasters.

The written DVDs worked fine on my PC and on anotherone with
a regular DVD-Rom drive, so far - so good. Then i tried them in
my fathers DVD-player and nothing worked. The player did all kinds
of wierd stuff as soon as i inserted one of my DVDs. Either it said
“No Disc” or it recocnized a CD-Audio or it wouldn’t stop trying to find something.

Well, enough blahblah, a little later i figured the player had no problems reading DVD-/+R media from my writer.
Even later i figured there is a way to trick the player to read RW-media :

Bitsetting the DVD-/+RW to -/+R or even -ROM.

The thing is, is it possible with the LG GSA 4040B, and where do i
get a tool for that ? I searched the net, but only found vendor-specific
tools that wouldn’t work with my writer.

Thanks in advance for any help.



i guess no answer is an answer as well :stuck_out_tongue:

No way to set bocktypes with my LG :confused:

So i’ll just wait and see what the future brings.

I have the same problem. ¿Have you solved it yet?. I’d like know how to change the booktype of my DVD+RW/-RW too.

Thank you.

PD: I’m sorry if my english isn’t so clear :o

There’s no way to bit set DVD-dash media, other than a trick to do with a second session that only some software recognises as a bit set. The real book type on DVD-dash media is unchangeable.

DVD-plus media really can be bit set.

Obviously bitsetting has the potential to help - but it might also be that your player doesn’t like rewriteable media (some just don’t). It might be at least worth trying a DVD+R and a DVD-R disc to see how it gets on with those.