Bitsetting for DVD+R is here!

Enjoy! Thanks to anarki for hosting it!

This is a beta version, so be careful.

works with 0048 FW?

Marco is not missing!!!
He (and his team) have been working hard!!!

He sent me by email this beta version last Friday.
The only thing I can tell you is that IT WORKS! :slight_smile:
The disks burned with this firmware can now be played on my old DVD player. This player could only (until now) play true DVD-VIDEO disks. It now can play DVD+R with no problem (with the DVD-ROM bitsetting). (This player continues to not play DVD-R,DVD-RW and DVD+RW disks)

DVDinfopro reports same strange bitsetting when tested on the BTC drive.
Please, use a different DVD-ROM when checking the DVD bitsetting.

Excelent job BTC team.:bow:
I’m very happy with this version. Bitsetting for DVD+R (and DVD+RW) seams to work well. My DVD players can now play DVD+R disks.

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

:bigsmile: great! but i suppose its for the 1004 not for the 1008 drive, can somebody confirm this? i don’t want to ruin my 1008 when using a wrong flash update…

if it is a 1004 beta firmware i sure hope there will be a 1008 version soon…


This beta version is for 1004

can anyone please make a copy of the firmware after flashing this and upload it.
I can’t get this one to flash, i’ve tried everything I can think of. So i’d like to try a single bin file if possible.



How do I use this tool? After the disc is burnt or before?

Insert the blank disk
Set the disk to DVD-ROM (with the BTC utility)
Start Nero and burn the DVD-VIDEO.

Hi guys,

First post, I,ve burnt a few coasters. Still haven’t got a DVD -R to work on stand alone. Work on PC tho.

My problem is:

When I try to run bitseter it gives the following error:

             The PSAPI.DLL file is
             linked to missing export NTDL.DLL:_stricmp

Any one have any idea why?:confused:

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but why can’t they just do it this way:

Write a firmware and a utility that allows the user to set the default behavior when writing + media. When the user runs the utility, he sets the default booktype of +R media to, say, DVD-ROM and +RW to dvd-RW. The drive should keep this untils its changed again using the utility(or even until you reboot your PC). Having to run the utility on each disk is just a pain.

Some + only drives just default to always writing the booktype to DVD-ROM and I don’t see anyone having problems with that either.

What do ya’ll think?

Hi worraps,

On a WinXP SP1 system:

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\PSAPI.DLL - Process Status Helper;


In layman’s terms, one (maybe two) file(s) which the utility depends on is/are missing.

Win9x has its own version of NTDLL.DLL known as ‘Win32 NTDLL core component’, but does not have a PSAPI.DLL by default.

Even if these two files are present, the utility may still not work properly because they require an NT system ie WinNT4/2K/XP.

Hi Quaxx

I’m running 98SE

I have the following files

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\PSAPI.DLL - Process Status Helper;


I don’t think the bitsetter works only in XP/NT (correct me if i’m wrong).

I don’t think removing them would solve the problem, as I have PSAPI.DLL in a Norton folder and a WinHex folder.

You quick reply and help greatly appreciated.

I exchaned the PSAPI.DLL in C:\WINDOW\SYSTEM with the one from the Norton directory, and got the following error:

The PSAPI.DLL file is
linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:NtAllocateVirtualMemory.

The original error was

The PSAPI.DLL file is
linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:_stricmp.

NT files on my 98SE! Why are they there? Does bitsetter only work with NT?

Everything else seems to work OK.

Looks like i’ll have to give bitsetter a miss, and try to find DVD media that will work in my Cyber Home AD-L528.

if this will help my situation… I recently flashed to version 048 and now (at least) my burned dvd will play in my RCA DRC8000 DVD Recorder, however, the video/sound breakup heavily on my Panasonic RP-56. I’m using Verbatim (CMC MAG R01) +R blanks.

Additionally after the upgrade to 48, my stand alone will play burned DVD+RW (the RIDATA original) where it previously woulnd’t recognize the disk.

My question is how do I use the previously supplied .hex files for the 049 Beta version? I’d like to give this method a try!


i used the firmware with the command line:

mtkflash 1 w /c /m16 /h all.hex

it ran slowly from 1 - 100% (only 1 time)
after that, my writer wasn’t able to read DVD no more.

what did i do wrong?

(using the latest mtkflash)

i used the firmware with the command line:

mtkflash 1 w /c /m16 /h all.hex

it ran slowly from 1 - 100% (only 1 time)
after that, my writer wasn’t able to read DVD no more.

You need to run the command 16 times, 1 for each bank:

mtkflash 1 w /A0 all0.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A1 all1.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A2 all2.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A3 all3.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A4 all4.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A5 all5.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A6 all6.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A7 all7.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A8 all8.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A9 all9.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A10 allA.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A11 allB.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A12 allC.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A13 allD.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A14 allE.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A15 allF.hex

When you used all.hex and it did not exist, you probably cleared the eeprom and then did not write anything back to it.

Originally posted by schapeke
[B]i used the firmware with the command line:

mtkflash 1 w /c /m16 /h all.hex


Hi schapeke,

your comand for flashing the drive was not ok! How is your DVD-writer connected to the Motherboard?

IDE 1 master: you use “1”
IDE 1 slave: you use “2”
IDE 2 master: you use “3”
IDE 2 slave: you use “4”

As you wrote it in your post it would be on the IDE 1 connected as master, and there should be your harddisk!

Greetings Klausi

Originally posted by ccbadd
You need to run the command 16 times, 1 for each bank:

mtkflash 1 w /A0 all0.hex
mtkflash 1 w /A1 all1.hex

I’m not so sure that this is a must. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

This is the batch command line in the DOS package Marco sends out by request:

mtkflash 3 w /c /m16 all.hex

and I haven’t heard any complaints about it.

Note that Marco included a MTKFLASH version which defaults to hex, so the /h switch is not set in his command line.

@schapeke: a) Which MTKFLASH version did you use when your flash went bad?

b) I rather tend to think that Klausi has a point in his post where he mentioned that your command would flash the primary master. Is your OD really connected as a master on your primary IDE channel?

Regards, Martin A

Edit: @schapeke: I forgot to ask whether the all.hex file in your command line was one file or actually 16 (bank-sized) files according to the pattern given by ccbadd.


Can I use the MtkWinFlash to flash the 0049 beta on the Drive?

Must have a single file binary

  • if i do the flashingsteps for every of the HEX files? Do this works?

i used the latest version of mtkflash (1.80.1) that has the bin as standard. so i have to use the /h option.

my 1004 is connected to the primary master. so 1 was also correct. (hard disk is on SATA)

maybe i have to try an older version of mtkflash?

luckily, i was able to flash it back to 48 firmware :slight_smile:

to make life easy, can someone who already flashed his drive with 49, put a bin file online?

thank you

PS: for creating the bin file, use “mtkflash # r /b /m filename.bin”

as you can see here:
mtkflash page