Bitsetting for +DL media in Nero 7

I’m curious regarding something I’ve encountered in Nero 7. When I go into the bitsetting options from CD-DVD Speed, the +DL options are always grayed-out; even when there’s a +DL disc in the drive (although that probably doesn’t make any difference, as the +R/+RW options are always available whether a disc is in or not. The +DL bitsetting seems to be permanently set to DVD-ROM, whereas with +R/+RW I have the ability to go between DVD-ROM or the actualy bitsetting of the disc. However, the Lite-On booktype utility does allow me to change the +DL settings freely. Is this normal behaviour for Nero?

This screenshot is from when a +DL disc was in the drive, just so you can see what I mean if my explanation is lacking:

it depends on what drive you have, whether you can do bitsetting, not to do with Nero, it knows your drive cant bitset i assume, or can it? what drive is it?

It’s the Lite-On SHM-165H6S, and can definately do bitsetting. As the screenshot shows, Nero allows the bitsetting for +R and +RW media to be changed (and I’ve burned both types successfully with a DVD-ROM bitsetting).

The Lite-On Booktype utility seems to allow me to change the +R DL setting, but Nero doesn’t seem to allow the setting to be changed itself.

Well, I guess my drive isn’t the odd one out… the CD Freaks review of the SHM-165H6S has a screenshot of CD-DVD’s bitsetting screen showing the same thing… 3rd screenshot down on this page:

At least I know there’s no problem, but it’s still weird how CD-DVD speed won’t allow it to be changed directly.