"bitsetting" for CD?

Hi there.

My Pioneer 454 would not play burned SVCDs on CD-RW without bad pixel and sound problems occurring after a while. The same SVCD bin/cue burned on CD-ROM plays fine.

So I am wondering where the problem is. Can I somehow have some “bitsetting” for CD-RW to fool the stand-alone DVD player and make him think it is playing a CD-ROM instead of a CD-RW.

The same with DVD-RW: One of my applications generates a DVD ISO image. When I burn it on DVD-RW it plays fine. Once I edit the ISO (included some jpg files) and burnt it on DVD-RW -> wouldn’t play.

What can I do in both cases to make that Pioneer play my disks?

Thanks for your time and help.


Hi :slight_smile:

You didn’t post your thread in the right forum in my opinion.
Ask a moderator to move your thread in the “standalone” forum, you’ll probably get more help there :wink: