BitSetting for 1008 due soon

It looks like bitsetting will be available soon in an official firmware. I bought the BTC1008IM drive in a Micro Advantage package ($70 at OM after rebate a week ago). It came with the V054 firmware. It works great with my RiTek/RiData media, which is RICHOHJPN.R01. I sent emails to BTC and Micro Advantage asking what whas added/changed with the V055 firmware. Since my current drive/media combo was working well I didn’t want to mess with it if there was no clear incentive to do so. Below is my email and the reply:

It added some MID codes not much in fixing. As for new firmware yes they are working on a version that will do bit setting.

Joe Greaves
Micro Advantage
Tech Support

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I bought a 8DVDRW-B13 SUPERDRIVE a week or so ago. I know it is actually a
DRW1008IM from BTC. The firmware revision it shipped with is V054. Do you
have a changelog of what the new revision (V055) does? If it doesn’t do/fix
anything I need I would rather leave it as is. BTC support is
less-than-responsive so I am asking you guys as well. Also, are you aware of a
forthcoming firmware updates?

Well, version V056 of the firmware is now out there. I haven’t yet seen a changelog to explain what is included…

Go get it! :bigsmile: