Bitsetting firmware. what is it..?

i want to make my NEC ND3550 RPC1…

i saw in your site that there are two kinds of firmware update for this…

the original firmware and liggy’s ND3550A 1.05 bitsetting firmware .

what is bitsetting firmware?

whats the differnt between this to firmware and who is the better one …?

tnx a lot :slight_smile:

To find out about BookType bitsetting, you can just click on the automatically generated link in your own post above! :slight_smile:

Or you can use this link which points to the same Wiki article: BookType

Bitsetting can potentially increase the compatibility of DVD+R media with some DVD players and some (older) DVD drives. So in my opinion the bitsetting firmware is better.

Completely agree with DrageMester comments. I have a Toshiba DVD player that plays only -R media unless I burn +R media with book type set to DVD-ROM which play on the Toshiba without fail. This Toshiba player also will not play any disk burned on my LiteOn LVW-5005 regardless of media type, and the only solution I find for this problem is to use PC burner to copy onto +R media with book type set to DVD-ROM.

Some years ago this was a very useful feature. Today all players have full support of DVD+R and even DVD+R DL and unless you have a really old one you won’t need it.

ok… tnx a lot :slight_smile:

A good firmware to look into is Dee’s 1.Y6, you can find it on Liggy and Dee’s page, just make sure you use the one with RPC1, it is suppose to include Bitsetting along with speed enhancements. It’s a good choice. It lets you burn alot more media, I had trouble with a DL and it fixed the problem.