Bitsetting firmware for 5007 burner?

Does anyone know of any firmware updates for the DDW-451S burner?
The 5007 that I have isn’t able to do bitsetting which means it can’t
change the booktype of the disc from DVD+R to DVD-Rom when the disc is
finalized so it will play in a DVD player. I can’t find any updates for the
DDW-451S to fix that either. The only firmware update for the 5007 is
for the system, not the burner. There is an update for the LDW-451S
that enables bitsetting but it won’t work on the DDW model.
I don’t understand why LiteOn would release a model that can’t
finalize a disc but I guess they were in a hurry.
Another odd thing I found is the DVD burner can burn either DVD+R or
-R discs in a PC but when it’s in the 5007 it can only do +R discs!

If you have not already done so, check out the following thread by hodr and see if this helps.

You may also want to look at the following thread by jm1647 for backing up existing drive FW.

I used OmniPatcher to set the option to Enable Auto-bitsetting and that seems to have done the trick. It’s odd that the firmware has to be hacked to make it work properly but I guess the members of the forum are smarter than the factory.

ArizonaSteve - Does it allow multi-session recording and then set the booktype to DVD rom when the dvd is finalized? Hodr never answered my question.


@ArizonaSteve - the DDW-451s drive in the 5005 burns all + and - r/RW DVD media and also CD’s. The system software must only allow it to use + media in the 5007 as per the LiteON Site the machine is only capable of writing to + media

Right, the drive will burn +R and -R discs in a PC but only +R’s in the 5007.
It wouldn’t set the book type in the 5007 before when it finalized but I think it will now, it does in the pc but I haven’t tried in the 5007 yet.

Let me/us know how you make out. I have been experimenting with all the PC based LiteOn Tools for backing up the f/w, extracting supported meda table etc. but have never written anything back to the 5005 ddw-451s drive yet. Ala42 author of media Code Speed Edit said it should work on our ddw dives though and Code 65536 said it looks like the f/w tool to flash should also work.


The Firmware Flash Tool works fine to write to the drive.
BTW, I emailed LiteOn tech support to ask them if they had any updated for the 451S because I couldn’t find it listed on their web page with the other updates and they don’t seem to even know they make it! They are so stupid! No wonder it didn’t work right! Here’s the reply that I got! LOL.
Dear Sir or Madam,

We don’t have any information about this model name(DDW-451S). Would you
please contact its actual vendor?

Best regards,

ArizonaSteve - thanks for the info.

A typical answer from the PC based burner guys for the LVW drives. It seems the only place there are F/w for the drive is when you enter your serial number for updates. That is why I suggested to everybody to use the firmware tools to back up their firmwares.

Where can you enter a serial number for updates? All I can find is the page with them listed but they only show one update for each model and not all the models are listed at:

I just seen that for the 5007 on the page of the link you provided (which I use also for my 5005) they just show the firmware there for the 5007. If you click on the link for the 5005 you’ll see it takes you to a page where you have to enter a serial number and your country to get updates.