Bitsetting DVD-ROM

Bitsetting for DVD-ROM has been suggested for increased compatibility for Recoding and most standalone players. However I cannot find this ability in Nero Recode 2… is it elsewhere in the Nero software suite?

It’s been suggested I use Plextools with my 708A but I cannot find Plextools, only an update for the Pro version.

Also … how does this bitset affect other DVD burner applications??

tia :slight_smile:

Here is how I set BookType:

  1. Open Nero Burning Rom
  2. Under Recorder select “Choose Recorder” (CTRL+R)
  3. On the bottom of this page select “Options”
  4. Select “DVD-rom” from the drop down menu “Book Type Settings”

Once selected you will always burn DVD-rom unless you change this setting.