Bitsetting dvd+r that works with nero for nd2500a

I was having trouble getting dvd+r discs book type set using the new dual layer herrie firmware (also had problem with previous beta4). Using dvdinopro didn’t seem to work well. If i updated to the new version of nero it gave power calibration errors after burning the first disc. I found out that version 6 causes all sorts of problems. If you use the final version before the switch to v6.0 you get great burns, no b.s., and finally the dvd+r’s work where they wouldn’t play before. I believe that this was the first version to include bitsetting. Here’s the link for it:

By the way, i was using memorex 4x dvd+r (ritek r02 code) so the media wasn’t some beater brand. Hope this helps if anyone else was having +r problems

If this works for anyone else please post it. I don’t think it was a problem that was unique to my drive but maybe…

Well, bitsetting works fine for me, and I’m using Nero 6, the latest update. I know this doesn’t help you with your problem though.

It works for me with Nero and my ND-2500A (Herrie 107v2b5 DLBS). I use DVDInfoPro for bitsetting.

herrie’s 1.07V2B4 firmware,clone to rip, dvdinfopro v2.51 for bitsetting,nero for burn… great dvd+r burns… plus i have updated nero 2x’s… bitsetting always stays. plus i’m not a big ritek fan. too many bad batches.