Bitsetting DVD+R problem w/1004IM+49b1

Have a 1004IM with firmware 49b1, which works pretty well for me (I can read DVD+RWs written with firmware 47/48, which some others have said they have problems with, for instance).

Bitsetting for DVD+RW works as well - I’ve only tried to do it after a burn with Nero, but what I do is start the bitset tool, change the book type from DVD+RW to DVD-ROM, set, and eject - upon eject, I can see the drive light blink orange for write (when the bit is being changed), and then green to eject.

However, when I try the same procedure with a DVD+R (prior to burn with Nero), it doesn’t seem to work. I insert the disk, am told there is no current book type (which I assume is normal), set it to DVD-ROM and eject, and no orange light or write…just the green light right before eject. Since I’ve had to do this eject to “force” the set for DVD+RW, I assumed I’d have to for DVD+R as well, but no joy. Once I reinsert the disc, I’m told there is no book type set again.

What is the correct procedure for setting the DVD+R book type to DVD-ROM?


You can NOT write TWICE on a DVD+R !
Thus you can not set the bits after you burn the DVD.

Understood - I can’t set the bits for a DVD+R before the burn.

What is the correct, detailed procedure for doing so with the BTC-supplied bitsetting utility, that someone has used and found to work reliably for bitsetting a DVD+R to DVD-ROM?


The procedure I use is:

insert blank DVD+r disk in drive
launch bit setting utility provided by BTC
change booktype to dvd-rom
close bit setting utility (do not eject disk!)
launch burning program and burn disk.

This is what works for me.