Bitsetting DVD+R media



I’ve been searching for the last 4 hours for an answer to my question. But I’ll show my noobiness, stop wasting time and come here to get it straight.

Actually, I thought I read the answer, as “yes,” on the forum a couple of years ago, but can’t find that.

question: Is it possible through firmware to do bitsetting to DVD+R media, so a DVD burner will treat as if it is DVD+RW?

I read that I can change a DVD+R/RW to DVD-ROM, but I need some RW media and this would be an inexpensive way to do it.

I have a Lite on Drive (LH-20A1H) & also a NEC 2500A (that’s the one I was going to do an update on).

I ran DVDbitsetter and it doesn’t get further than telling me the name of the drive.

Although the drive is identified correctly, when I try to get info on it and the media in it, the program says it can’t find anything and the drive must either be a Sony or RPC-1. Neither of which are true. It’s a NEC and RPC-2, region 1.

Is there firmware that will help?

Or do I need to go to mertline or staples, OD, and buy those expensive DVD+RWs?


i dont know that much. but havent come across being able to do this. like you said, you can change the bitsetting to DVD-ROM so it is read as a basic DVD. would like to know this answer as well. but i think it is a no. good luck tho.


Are you asking if it is possible to “cheat” the drive making it think that is burning a rewritable media when you are actually using +R discs?

If I understood correctly your question, this is impossible because RW discs have a completely different dye in the writing surface. It is not only a matter of “booktype”.


[QUOTE=stars1234;2175692]…question: Is it possible through firmware to do bitsetting to DVD+R media, so a DVD burner will treat as if it is DVD+RW?[/QUOTE]


As far as I am aware, RW disks use a different type recording layer. They use a phase change metal alloy, while regular DVD +R and -R disks use an organic dye.

Therefore you cannot make a +R disk into a +RW disk.


It’s possible to bitset a +R disc to DVD+RW (see attachment). To do what you are wanting i don’t think is possible. The dye is different as geno’s post says.

The attachment is using my NEC 3500 and Binflash.


Re-writing recordable media is not possible.

Re-writable CD/DVD media contains phase-change material instead of dye, and the phase-change material can change phase thousands of times.

Dye used in recordable media can only be changed once by “burning” and cannot be changed again (except parts that haven’t already been changed/burned).

BookType doesn’t really have anything to do with it.


thanks everyone.
Answer understood.
Wish it were possible though.

Now I have to go out in the snow to get discs.

But 1st a visit to the media section to see what’s best but still inexpensive.

I’m considering branded Staples or OD. Having always used Verbatim, Ritok, Imation, I’m a bit hesitant of going to a store brand. But maybe it’s okay, especially with the sales that are on them.
So off to read up.

thanks again for the help and teaching.